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Choose this transfer type in Budapest if you..
..need a transfer only for one way (from the airport to your hotel or any address in Budapest) airport hotel address
..still has not decided whether you would need a return transfer as well (you can order it later using another order form)


high season prices
off season prices

The most important condition is that our prices are based on a per-car-basis (or rather on per-route-basis) and NOT on a per-person-basis.
We will show you a few examples in order to explain what it means:

Example "A": You want to reserve a transfer for 3 persons from the airport to your hotel .
The total cost will be 31 Euro, which is payable to the driver.

Example "B": You want to reserve a transfer for 7 persons from the airport to your hotel .
The total cost will be 45 Euro, which is payable to the driver.

In case of transfers for more than 24 persons, we will provide midi size buses or big coaches.

Prices for Budapest one-way transfers (no return trip)
Transfer for..

EURO (€)

HUF (Ft)

(bank notes only!)

(bank notes only!)

1, 2, or 3 persons
valid from December to March
30€ 12300 HUF ~26£ ~30US$
1, 2 or 3 persons
valid from April to November
31€ 12700 HUF ~27£ ~31US$
4, 5 or 6 persons
valid from December to March
38€ 15600 HUF ~33£ ~38US$
4, 5 or 6 persons
valid from April to November
40€ 16400 HUF ~34£ ~40US$
7 or 8 persons
valid from December to March
43€ 17650 HUF ~37£ ~43US$
7 or 8 persons
valid from April to November
45€ 18450 HUF ~39£ ~45US$
9, 10, 11 or 12
74€ 30350 HUF ~119£ ~74US$
13, 14, 15 or 16
87€ 35650 HUF ~74£ ~87US$
17, 18, 19 or 20
109€ 44700 HUF ~93£ ~108US$
21-24 persons 129€ 52900 HUF ~110£ ~128US$

Above 24 persons we provide big coaches,
so that the whole party can travel in one vehicle together.

* Above 24 persons 50% pre-payment might be required.

Above 25 persons


 Your transfer fee must be paid in cash (Euro, US Dollar, British Pound or in Hungarian Forints) directly to the driver when you reach your destination. (note: coins accepted only in case of Euro or HUF payments!)
 If you book a return transfer as well, you will have to pay for it only on your departure. In other words, you pay for the transfers in two parts.
 We can also offer you a possibility to prepay for the transfer (for example if you want to pay the transfer fees for your client). The payment can be done on our corporate site using a secure shopping cart system. Leave a note if you wish to make prepayment, and we will send you detailed instructions.

Transfers with extra long distance

The majority of popular accommodations is NOT affected by this price policy!
There is NO surcharge for transfers to the 1st (zip code 101x), 5th (105x), 6th (106x), 7th (107x), 8th (108x), 9th (109x), 10th (110x), 14th (114x), 18th (118x), 19th (119x) districts at all!
There could be a small surcharge (3-8 EUR) to a few parts of the city due to the very long distance. This affects the following areas:
- northern part of the 3rd district (addresses with zip code 103x) NOT the whole district is affected!
- western part of the 2nd district (addresses with zip code 102x) NOT the whole district is affected!
- 4th district (addresses with zip code 104x)
- western part of the 12th district (addresses with zip code 112x) NOT the whole district is affected!
- northern part of the 13th district (addresses with zip code 113x) NOT the whole district is affected!
- 15th district (addresses with zip code 115x)
- 16th district (addresses with zip code 116x)
- 21th district (addresses with zip code 121x)
- 22nd district (addresses with zip code 122x)

You will be notified about the possible surcharge before the final confirmation.


Information for travelers arriving late in the evening

The price for transfers for 1-4 persons arriving after 9PM (21:00) is 32 Euro (instead of 31), and 11 Euro deposit prepayment is required.
It means that you should pay 11 Euro in advance as a deposit, which will be deducted from the total price (i.e. you will pay 32-11=21 Euro upon your arrival).
The payment can be done through our shopping cart system (detailed information will be sent along with your preliminary confirmation)

- Without this prepayment your booking will not not be valid and will be deleted.
- This deposit is non-refundable if you will not arrive without any prior notice.
- We can refund it however if you cancel it at least 8 hours prior to your arrival.


Extra amount of luggage

The prices take into account the number of passengers and a reasonable amount of luggage.
As a thumb rule, a regular car (station wagon type) can accommodate up to 3 passangers with one suitcase and one hand luggage each. This is normal, so you will not need to pay any extra.
 However if you feel that you will have an unusually large amount of luggage, please indicate it in the booking form, then we will send a larger vehicle, but note, that it may cost more. (e.g. boxed bycicle, big suitcases usually used for boat journeys, etc.)


Extra child seat

Please note, that if you travel with children, every child of any age counts as one person!

 If you request child seats when you book your transfer, the driver will carry child seat.
There is no extra charge for the FIRST child seat. Further required child seats costs 6 Euro each. You can check this option in our order form, indicating the age of child(ren).
- Child seat is obligatory in Hungary for children below 135 cm height.
- We can provide child seat only from 8kgs / 18lbs or above!
- We can provide maximum 3 child seats for one transfer.
- In case you need child seat(s), please send your booking at least 24 hours prior to your arrival!

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  • Air-conditioned cars and minivans

  • Flight monitoring

  • Free cancellation

  • Prepayment option

  • Lastminute bookings

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