Kérdések és válaszok

Before you book

Ez egy shuttle busz szolgálat?

This is NOT a shuttle-like service, which means that you need to pre-book your transfer on our site, we do not have a desk at the airport!

We provide ONLY private transfers, we don't offer "shuttle-like" services.
So you will NOT (and also you CANNOT) share the car with other party.

Csak szállodákba rendelhetek transzfert?

No. You can order transfer to/from any address in Budapest or even outside Budapest.

Mennyi ideig tart az út a reptérröl a városközpontba?

It usually takes no longer than 40 minutes from Liszt Ferenc (Ferihegy) Airport. This time is only a guide, and it depends upon traffic levels, time of day and your destination.
Please take it into account that Budapest is a big city with nearly two million inhabitants, lying on 520 sq.kilometers (~200 sq. miles)!

Kisgyerekkel utazom. Tudnak gyerekülést biztosítani?

 Yes we do. If you request child seats when you book, the driver will carry child seat.
There is no extra charge for the FIRST child seat. Further required child seats costs 5 Euro each. You can check this option in our order form, indicating the age of child(ren).
- Child seat is obligatory in Hungary for children below 135 cm height.
- We can provide child seat only from 8kgs / 18lbs or above!
- We can provide maximum 3 child seats for one transfer.
- In case you need child seat(s), please send your booking at least 24 hours prior to your arrival!

Lehet az útvonalon több megállót beiktatni?

Yes, you can book your transfer with multiple stops too.
Please note however, that in this case we may charge some extra fee. We recommend you to make your booking, and leave a note in the "Comments" field mentioning the multiple addresses. Then we will send you our offer. You can also send an inquiry through our contact form with your special requests before you book.

Az árakról és a foglalási folyamatról

Az árak személyenkét értendök?

 The price you see in our price list are effective per car basis (or per route basis if more vehicles are used), and NOT per person.

 IMPORTANT! There is a small surcharge (3-10 EUR) to a few parts of the city due to the very long distance. This affects the following areas:
- northern part of the 3rd district (addresses with zip code 103x) NOT the whole district is affected!
- western part of the 2nd district (addresses with zip code 102x) NOT the whole district is affected!
- 4th district (addresses with zip code 104x)
- western part of the 12th district (addresses with zip code 112x) NOT the whole district is affected!
- northern part of the 13th district (addresses with zip code 113x) NOT the whole district is affected!
- 15th district (addresses with zip code 115x)
- 16th district (addresses with zip code 116x)
- 21th district (addresses with zip code 121x)
- 22nd district (addresses with zip code 122x)

Majority of popular accommodations is not affected by this price policy!
You will be notified about the possible surcharge before the final confirmation.

Hogyan tudom, hogy a rendelésem megerösített?

At the time of booking you will receive an automatic email confirmation, which will then be confirmed by ATB in a very short time. For last-minute bookings we will send your final confirmation within hours, for other bookings in maximum 24 hours.
Transfer bookings are valid only, when you receive the final confirmation!
In the final confirmation of your booking you will receive important travel information, the name and phone number of your driver, so it's advisable to print it out and to carry with you when you travel.

Nem kaptam meg az automatikus email megerösítést a rendelésemröl

Right after you have make a booking, you should receive an automatic email in a few minutes, which confirms, that we received your transfer request.

(That email is still not your final confirmation! It will then be confirmed by AirportTransfersBudapest.com in a short time.)

If you cannot find this email in your Inbox in the next few minutes, please check your "SPAM"/ "JUNK" folder. Sometimes legitimate email gets mistaken for spam!
It is especially recommended, if you use corporate email address or @HOTMAIL, @YAHOO, @AOL, @OUTLOOK.COM, because these email providers sometimes use too strict spam policies.

Csomagok és jármúvek

Milyen járműveket alkalmaznak a transzferekhez?

 Practically we can provide all kinds of vehicles for your needs.
We run a fleet of mainly Ford, VW, Fiat, Mercedes limousines, Mercedes minivans with up to 8-9 seats.
For larger groups we offer midi-size buses (up to 28 seats), or even big coaches with 45 seats.
Transfers are arranged by normal cars (limousin or station wagon) and minivans, depending on the number of persons. Usually transfers for 1-4 persons will be carried out with spacious cars, like Ford S-Max or similar. For transfers for 5-8 persons we provide one minivan (people carrier).
It is possible, that more vehicles will be used for one transfer. Usually it applies to transfers from 9 to 24 persons. It is important for you to know, that it doesn't effect the price.
For example for 11 persons we will send TWO minivans OR a minivan AND a normal car.
If your party definitely want to travel in ONE vehicle, then please indicate this request in your booking. In this case you can expect a surcharge (usually 10-20%), of which we will send you a quote before the final confirmation.
Once again: the above conditions only apply to transfers for 9-24 persons!
In case of transfers above 24 persons, we will provide midi size buses or big coaches (i.e. only ONE vehicle will be used).
  ALL OUR VEHICLES are air-conditioned for the summer, fully equipped for the winter with an extended wheelbase for extra luggage space. Elsewhere the vehicles are of a similar high standard.
  We operate ALL our vehicles on a "NON-SMOKING POLICY".
More information

Milyen csomagmennyiség megengedett?

The price options take into account the number of passengers and a reasonable amount of luggage.
As a thumb rule, a regular car (station wagon type) can accommodate up to 4 passangers with one suitcase and one hand luggage each.
If you feel that you will have an unusually large amount of luggage, please indicate it in the booking form, then we will send a larger vehicle, but note, that it may cost more.
(e.g. boxed bycicle, big suitcases usually used for boat journeys, etc.)

Hány föt tud egy jármú befogadni?

The transfer options are priced according to the number of passengers. A limousine or space wagon is used for 1-4 passengers. If there are more than 4 passengers then we will send one or more minivans which can carry up to 8 persons each. For large groups we can arrange big coaches as well, which can carry even 50 passengers.

Megérkezés a repülötérre

Mi történik, ha a járat késik?

We are continuously monitoring the flights which arrive to Budapest, so you don't have to worry about your transfer, our driver will be at the airport, even if your flight is late for hours.
In your confirmation you will be be provided with phone numbers which you can call at any time in case you miss your flight or if it's delayed. You can contact us through our LIVE CHAT.

Hogyan találom meg a transzfersofört érkezés után?

Our employee will be waiting for you at the "ARRIVAL" with a board with YOUR NAME on it.
Important! Please be aware, that there may be other names on this board too! (still your transfer will be private NOT shared!)

Mit tegyek ha nem találom a nevemet az üdvözlö táblán?

In the confirmation email we provide phone number of the driver and the customer service as well
Please call one of the numbers and we will help you.

Fizetés és egyéb információk

Hogyan tudok fizetni?
 Your transfer fee must be paid in cash (Euro, US Dollar, British Pound or in Hungarian Forints) directly to the driver when you reach your destination. (note: coins accepted only in case of Euro or HUF payments!)
If you book a return transfer as well, you will have to pay for it only on your departure. In other words, you pay for the transfers in two parts.
 We can also offer you a possibility to prepay for the transfer (for example if you want to pay the transfer fees for your client). The payment can be done on our corporate site using a secure shopping cart system. Leave a note if you wish to make prepayment, and we will send you detailed instructions.

Információk a késö éjszaka érkezök részére

The price for transfers for 1-4 persons arriving after 9PM (21:00) is 29 Euro (instead of 28), and 11 Euro deposit prepayment is required.
It means that you should pay 11 Euro in advance as a deposit, which will be deducted from the total price (i.e. you will pay 29-11=18 Euro upon your arrival).
The payment can be done through our shopping cart system (detailed information will be sent along with your preliminary confirmation)

- Without this prepayment your booking will not not be valid and will be deleted.
- This deposit is non-refundable if you will not arrive without any prior notice.
- We can refund it however if you cancel it at least 8 hours prior to your arrival.